GDPM in one of Swiss Government's largest IT programs

The NOVE-IT program of the Swiss Federal Administration has been launched in 1997 and fully implemented by the end of 2003. The objective of NOVE-IT was to establish IT as a management resource to improve quality and flexibility and to raise efficiency by 130 million Swiss Francs a year. The objective was largely met, thanks to a total investments of some 210 million Swiss francs. In particular, efficiency was improved to such an extent that investments were already flowing back during the program. NOVE-IT had a very broad functional and organizational scope that consisted of the IT Strategy development, IT architectural redesign, implementation of a demand-supply model, consolidation of IT services, IT process standardization, implementation of an IT cross charging model for more than 40’000 clients throughout Switzerland. The implementation of the program lasted 3 years and consisted of a large number of individual projects and initiatives that had to be aligned and reconciled by a Masterplan across all ministries and departments of the Swiss Federal Administration. The NOVE-IT Masterplan has been developed by applying the GDPM framework.


GDPM has been selected for the NOVE-IT Masterplan because it forced the alignment of roles and responsibilities across the numerous stakeholders in a political sensitive environment from the very beginning. Additionally, the layered planning and GDPM’s rolling wave approach allowed for a level appropriate communication and implementation strategy.

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