GDPM for Machine Development at Satisloh

The long-term experience in combination with the expert knowledge and the innovative energy makes Satisloh one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to complete solutions for optics manufacturing and reliable high-tech equipment. Satisloh has a worldwide presence in 20 countries and provides customized high technology solutions and a large variety of surfacing, polishing, measuring, coating and finishing equipment, consumables, tools, services and process know how - all from one source.

The Projects

Satisloh runs many crucial product development projects in parallel. A typical project lasts approximately one year. Many of the concurrently running projects are highly innovative and share strong interdependencies which have to be carefully managed.


Andreas Kunzmann: "As the CEO of Satisloh I was looking for an easy to implement Project Management approach which supports a layered planning. I'm not interested in all details but care about the progress of the major milestones. Furthermore, it is important for me to mobilize the entire project team at the beginning of the project and to ensure we have a common understanding from the technical experts to the marketing people. All this (and a lot more) provides GDPM. This was the reason to implement GDPM as our standard Project Management approach and to train our people in this method. I only can recommend this approach to all companies who highly depend on successful project delivery."