GDPM for British Telecom Wholesale

As part of a wider transformational change initiative the Information Management team were set up to look at ways of improving the quality of data systems, free up incorrectly recorded copper assets, reduce billing errors and save a target of £50m in costs. The GDPM approach was used to better understand the management team role and establish goals for the following 12 months including definition of objectives, key success criteria and development of a set of high-level achievement-based milestones. The simple but effective GDPM techniques ensured full participation and engagement of the new team; all members fully understood and could articulate the role of their team and their own responsibilities. As an added bonus it turned into an effective team building exercise as well. The project was highly successful with cost savings being exceeded by almost 4 times the original target and resulted in the project team being awarded winners of a My Customer Champion Award.


The concepts of Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) had been introduced to BTW by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) professional services to bring focus and clarification to a major company restructuring programme. The simple and non-bureaucratic approach was such a success that it was adopted as the approach of choice for BT Wholesale’s strategic programmes and our project formed a major part of a strategic cost reduction programme. We found that the approach was not only applicable to project management but could also be used to bring clarity and focus to our newly formed management team. The interactive and participative nature of GDPM ensures better engagement, buy-in and ownership and the high-level plan on a page is a very effective progress and communications tool. Ian Tress, Business Improvement Consultant for BTW: “In a single day the consultant focused and crystallised our new management team’s role, goals and targets for the coming 12 months using GDPM. This set of simple but effective tools and techniques which not only brought cohesion and focus to our management team but allowed us to ultimately save our business almost £200 m – four times the original target!”