GDPM at British Telecom BT Openreach reduced Time to Market

John Greene - Senior Product Lead for Ethernet Strategic Transformation: “We were looking for a practical, easy to use and adaptive project management approach to energise and mobilise a large team of Product Managers. We wanted to drive change in the way in which they approached the "Concept to Market" process and to launch products to market quicker and more efficiently. We decided on Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) as our delivery method of choice. Our product managers quickly developed the practical skills and knowledge they needed to develop clear milestones, run, and control and to get buy in from key stakeholders in order to successfully deliver their projects. These newly found skills were applied to a number of key new developments and we saw a significant improvement in the management of these product developments in terms of managing risks, clear focus on objectives/milestones/ownership and a reduction in a time to market.