About Us

The GDPM Community is organized very pragmatically:

iPM, Association for intelligent Project Management

  • is a registered association in Switzerland
  • manages the GDPM Website and organizes the certifications
  • appoints the international GDPM Alliance Members
  • constitutes the GDPM Certification Board

GDPM Certification Board

The certification board is appointed by iPM and assumes the following role:

  • Oversight of certification organization and processes
  • Quality assurance for certification processes
  • Currently members of the board are:
    • Erling S Andersen
    • Kristoffer Grude
    • Rolf Tschaeppeler

GDPM Alliance

Alliance Members are qualified companies and

  • perform the GPC and GEC certifications
  • actively contribute to the promotion and development of GDPM method and material

GDPM GOLD Certification holders (are listed)

  • are individuals who have been appointed by iPM
  • have demonstrated their ability in challenging projects, using GDPM
  • support GDPM in an outstanding manner

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