GDPM Tool based on the Notion Platform

Notion is a powerful and flexibel platform which allows quick delivery of personal Apps. This GDPM App is designed for small and medium projects (e.g. 1 to 20 team members) and provides the following benefits using Notion:

  • Distribution of App templates to users is easy, Notion supports a powerful and reliable mechanism
  • Once you have installed the GDPM App Template and Example Project you can use it right away and set-up your own projects.
  • You can easily provide access to mobile devices and web browsers. This makes it ideal for managing projects in distributed environments
  • If you need another view on any database or additional properties or pages in your environment - just add it, test it and use it.
  • If you need information outside of the GDPM App for other purposes, no problem, you can easily access the project data and do what you want.
  • Just follow the "Installation and first steps" guideline.
  • For questions just contact us.